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PC¥MIP Mezzanine Card Eases Digital I/O

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Featuring a 48-bit TTL I/O interface, the P13 PC¥MIP mezzanine card uses the same line drivers and receivers as the SCSI and is divided into six eight-bit groups. Each group can be programmed as an input or output, activated by software, and each group has line termination resistors. A trigger line can be used to simultaneously acquire several groups of bits. All port lines are ESD protected and the card can sink up to 48 mA per point on its outputs. The card can be added to a single-board computer or PC¥MIP carrier card for rapid system development. Operating system support includes Windows NT, VxWorks, Linux, and OS-9. Pricing starts at $333 each. MEN MICRO, INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 939-2675.

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