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PC-MIP Mezzanine Products Serve Industrial Computing

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A carrier board and four modules are said to represent the industry's first PC-MIP mezzanine products for industrial computing environments requiring high-performance I/O capabilities. The MC-606 is a front-panel I/O mezzanine carrier board for CompactPCI that offers six PC-MIP sites. Four of the sites support front-panel I/O, while two support rear-panel I/O modules. The four modules offer various I/O functions. The P-100BT features a 100BaseTx Fast Ethernet interface in a front-panel I/O configuration while the P-IO32 module offers 32 digital I/O lines, each of which can be dynamically configured as inputs or outputs. Model P-D64 carries 64 Mbytes of DRAM, and the P-F64 offers 64 Mbytes of flash memory.

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