Electronic Design

PC Screw Terminals Present A New High-Density Package Option

A line of metric-type PC screw terminals now offers the option of being vertically or horizontally mountable. Their antirotation, nonrocking design suits high-density packaging well. The screw terminals are cost-effective alternatives to screw-type edge connectors and terminal boards and strips. The parts, which have four snap-in legs, are rated at 15 A. The parts are manufactured of tin-plated 0.81-mm brass. A 6.35-mm brass, nickel-plated binding head machine screw is installed and captivated, or unassembled. Pricing for the PC screw terminals starts at $12 per 100 parts with the screw installed and captivated.

Keystone Electronics Corp.
www.keyelco.com; (800) 221-5510

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