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PC/104 Analog Output Module Settles Fast

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With buffered outputs that settle in 6 µs to 0.01%, the AIMDAC12-8 analog output module serves applications such as ATE, servo control and process control equipment. The PC/104-compatible unit offers eight 12-bit d/a converter channels and 24 programmable digital I/Os. It offers ±1 LSB maximum integral non-linearity error over its specified operating range of -40°C to 85°C.The module, with its two quad, 12-bit monolithic DACs, is available as a bipolar module with user-selectable ranges of ±10V and ±5V or as a unipolar output module with user-selectable ranges of 0V to 5V or 0V to 10V. On-board precision reference voltages are used to determine output ranges, which are jumper-selectable in groups of four.

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