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PC/104+ Board Features Power Frugal BIOS

Addressing battery-based and other power-constrained applications, the Puma PC/104+ board enlists General Software’s Embedded BIOS 2000 that features a suspend-to-RAM (STR) function, which allows a system to wake up and resume processing in seconds. The STR mode allows most of the board’s circuitry to turn off while all operating system and application information resides in RAM. This mode also promises radically lower power consumption and heat dissipation. The BIOS 2000’s quick-boot feature accelerates boot time by minimizing POST time to as little as 85 ms and by accelerating operating-system loading during STR’s resume path by supporting native interfaces provided by ATA and SATA disk drives. Price for the Puma with the S3 feature is under $600 each in OEM quantities. VERSALOGIC CORP., Eugene, OR. (800) 824-3163. General Software Inc., Bellevue, WA. (800) 850-5755.

Company: General Software Inc.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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