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PC/104 Board Implements Fingerprint Sensor Technology

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Intended for biometrics-based security, a modular fingerprint identification board has been developed for embedded computer applications. The hardware implements Fujitsu’s MBF solid-state fingerprint sensor on the stackable, compact, 3.550'' x 3.775'' PC/104 form factor. The embeddable board also integrates a heart beat sensor - to prevent unauthorized access via a false finger - and direct ISA bus interface to the Fujitsu chip. Initially, the company is offering a stand-alone fingerprint sensor board (PRV-1168X-01) and a biometrics systems development platform (APP-0148X-01) complete with CPU, hard drive, and power supply. The board features: a 300 x 300-pixel sensor array (500 dpi resolution) offering a 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm sensor area; 8-bit PC/104 bus operation with ISA bus interface; software for local fingerprint matching; parallel port interface; and three Form C relays. Operating temperature range is 0°C to 60°C. Price: $400 each/100; a software development is also available. PARVUS CORP., Salt Lake City, UT. (801) 483-1533.

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