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PC/104 Card Packs 2 Interfaces & 3 Ports

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Available in 0°C to 70°C and -40°C to 85°C versions, the MiniModule/SES PC/104-compliant module features Ethernet and SCSI interfaces, two serial ports and one parallel port. The NE2000-compatible Ethernet interface supports 10-Mbit/s data rates and provides direct connection to twisted-pair (10Base-T) media. Alternate external media, such as thick coax (10BaseE) and optical fiber, can be interfaced via the on-board AUI interface. Based on Adaptec's popular EC6370 SCSI-II-compliant controller, the module's SCSI interface supports rates up to 10 Mbytes/s in the fast synchronous mode.The two serial ports are implemented with 16C550-type UARTs that have 16-byte FIFO buffers for fast throughputs. One port is configurable for RS-232 or RS-485 operation, while the other is for RS-232 only. The enhanced, bidirectional parallel port supports the IEEE-1284 (EPP/ECP) standard.

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