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PC/104 Connectors Target "Flat-Rock" Installations

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Designed for "flat-rock," press-fit installations, these PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors comply with IEEE P996 interconnection requirements, are easy to assemble, eliminate the need to be soldered to pc boards, and are intended for use in embedded systems and real-time processing equipment. The PC/104 headers are small form-factor mezzanine type connectors that can implement a standard ISA bus with two dual rows of 0.1" pitch contacts and can be stacked up to 11 high. The PC/104-Plus connector can be stacked five high with a single, 120-position, quad row of 2-mm pitch contacts. Both connector types offer a 0.6" fixed stack height, with an optional tail shroud available for PC/104-Plus connectors. To accommodate a variety of stacking and non-stacking applications, long and short PCB tails are available in press-fit versions. And through-hole types having short-tail configurations are available for wave solder applications. Pricing in quantities of 5,000 pieces for the PC/104 unitized connector is $8,639.40/1,000 and for the PC/104-Plus connector, $8,131.20/1,000.

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