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PC/104 Digital Quadrature Encoders Monitor Motion Market

Accommodating designers in the motion-control market looking for up to four, six, or eight encoder inputs, the 104-QUAD-8 series PC/104 quadrature input boards are suitable for use in embedded motion control, instrumentation, robotics, industrial machinery, process control. They feature three conditioned differential inputs including indexing per channel. Eight pins per channel are accessible via two 34-pin IDC type headers, which include a resettable 0.5A fused 5V output and ground pair to power most common encoders. The boards require +5V at 260 mA and include a 16-bit pass-through PC/104 connector for system development and integration. Available accessories include a variety of ribbon cables, DIN-rail mountable screw terminal boards, and connector/screw terminal combinations that plug directly onto the header pins of the board. Other features include three differential channels per encoder including dual axis and index, input ranges of ±25V and ±7V common mode, a 4.3-MHz maximum clock rate with digital filtering, 24-bit dual axis quadrature counter LS7266R1 with selectable X1, X2, or X4 decoding modes, and individual software reset for each channel. Prices for the Models 104-QUAD-4, 104-QUAD-6, and 104-QUAD-8 are $271, $233, and $271, respectively. ACCES I/O PRODUCTS INC., San Diego, CA. (800) 326-1649.


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