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PC/104 Embedded CPU Board Boasts A High Level Of Integration

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The new Prometheus CPU board is a highly integrated PC/104 card that is said to provide the user with the benefits of reduced cost, size and time to market. It combines the highly integrated ZF Micro Devices ZFx86 FailSafe Embedded PC-on-a-Chip with a 10 Mb/s Ethernet port, data acquisition, serial ports, and other features. Prometheus is designed to perform as a standalone unit or as the base board for use in a wide array of products for miliary/aerospace, process control, transportation, medical and industrial automation applications. The company has also introduced a panel board and enclosure that eliminates all I/O cables and allows designers to build a complete packaged system that is only 1.7" thick. List price of the Prometheus board is $700. DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORP., Newark, CA. (510) 456-7800.

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