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PC/104 Embedded PC Supports Windows NT

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With a computing core that provides Turbo-XT performance, the SBC1190 also includes 24 lines of digital I/O, eight 12-bit analog inputs, four 12-bit analog outputs, and a 10BaseT Ethernet port. This mix of on-board I/O provides a complete solution for many embedded control applications. The Ethernet port, with on-board Embedded Netsock software support, provides an easy-to-use path for connecting a number of SBC1190 controllers into a LAN for supervisory management and data transfer. In addition, DHCP and Address Resolution Protocol support allows high level programming, with Windows NT Server-based support for IP-to-Ethernet address look ups. The board is built around the Intel 80C188EB integrated x86 family processor with CPU rates of 12, 20 or 25 MHz. Dual serial ports have RS-232 and RS-485 drivers installed. A standard 82C55 device implements 24 digital I/O lines with TTL voltage levels and 2.5 mA of drive current.

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