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PC/104 Fan Card Includes Multiple Sensors

In addition to providing temperature-controlled, forced-air cooling, the ThermoCool PC/104 Environmental Fan Card II also performs environmental monitoring via on-board humidity and pressure sensors. The board enlists two brushless fans to drive air in a push-pull circular pattern around the fan module and adjacent cards. Its capacitive humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors can be used as alarm indicators. The humidity sensor measures relative humidity from 1% to 99% with instantaneous desaturation, and the pressure sensor delivers a linear voltage output, directly proportional to applied pressure from 0 to 29 psi. Other features include two Form C relays, two digital inputs, four or seven analog inputs, LED indicator, configuration jumpers, and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP drivers with a test utility. An optional cable set with an external digital temperature sensor is also available for remote fan management. Price ranges from $187 to $224 each/100. PARVUS CORP., Salt Lake City, UT. (801) 483-1533.


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