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PC/104 Line Adds 486DX/386SX Boards

Rounding out the company's SpacePC line of embedded PC/104 computers, the 2200, 2110, and 2100 series CPU boards are based on a 75 MHz 486DX or 40 MHz 386SX architecture. Similar to other SpacePC modules, the three latest models operate without fans, include soldered RAM, exhibit power consumptions from 3W to 7W, and are available with extended temperature ranges from –40°C to +85°C. The SpacePC 2200 series features a 75-MHz STPC 486DX processor, SVGA video controller, 10/100 Ethernet controller, four serial ports, IDE, floppy, parallel, and keyboard ports. The 2100 series relies on a 40 MHz, 386-based ALi M6117C processor with I/O similar to the 2200 boards. The 2110 Series is available with an onboard Ethernet controller, 16 general-purpose DIO channels, and two CAN 2.0B ports. Prices range from $193 to $327 each/100. PARVUS CORP., Salt Lake City, UT. (800) 483-3152.


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