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PC/104 Module Autocalibrates Itself

By means of an autocalibration feature, the Diamond-MM-32 PC/104 data acquisition module is said to eliminate the chances of errors occurring when users make or interpret measurements. The card supports virtually instantaneous calibration at any time and without the use of external equipment. It contains an EEPROM with target calibration measurements and correction factors, with an on-board octal 8-bit DAC providing the fine-tuning adjustments for the analog input and output circuitry. The PC/104 module also offers: 32 analog input channels; 32 single-ended, 16 single-ended plus 8 differential, or 16 differential inputs; 200-KS/s sampling rate; 1-Kbyte A/D FIFO to manage high-speed data transfers in Windows 95/NT; and operation from a 5V power supply and over a-25°C to 85°C temperature range.


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