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PC/104+ Module Provides 100-Mb/s Ethernet Interface

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A 100Base-T Ethernet interface, two serial ports, and an SSD expansion socket are all integrated on the MiniModule/ESB, a PC/104-Plus compliant module. The unit’s Ethernet subsystem is based on a PCI-interfaced AM79C972 controller and supports both 10- and 100-Mb/s full-duplex data transfers. Also, 10Base-T or 100-Base-T twisted-pair media connection is available by means of an onboard RJ-45 connector. The Ethernet controller is supported by a range of operating systems including DOS, Windows 98/NT/CE, QNX, VxWorks and other RTOSs.Two PC-compatible serial ports are implemented wtih 16C550-type UARTs that have 16-byte FIFO buffers for fast throughput. One serial port can be configured to support either RS-232 or RS-485 operation; the other is configurable for RS-232C or TTL-level signaling. A byte-wide socket accepts a solid-state disk.

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