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PC/104-Plus CPU Card Offers Built-In SVGA

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The 4C60 is a highly integrated 5X86 based PC/104 Plus CPU card with built-in SVGA video that shares system memory for minimum parts count and high performance. The SVGA video supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels by 24 bits and video memory sizes from 512 KB to 4 KB. The SVGA can be disabled if required. System memory can be 8 to 32 MB, depending upon the model. System memory is 64 bits wide to provide high performance. An 8- to 16-MB IDE flash drive is built into the board and an external IDE interface is also provided. Standard I/O includes two 16C550 compatible RS-232 ports, and a bidirectional EPP/ECP/IEEE1284 compliant parallel port is provided along with a standard keyboard interface and PS/2 mouse interface.

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