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PC/104 Single-Board Computer Serves Multimedia Applications

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Designed to operate in temperature environments varying from -40°C to 80°C, Model 3503 PC/104 single-board computer supports a 486-class processor, with on-board LCD/CRT, 10/100Base-T network, and PCI-based SoundBlaster Pro compatible interfaces; there also are four serial ports. Thanks to the soldered memory and connectors with locking mechanism, the board can also be operated in extreme shock and vibration environments. And unlike the Disk-on-Chip, the board has a CompactFlash socket on-board with as many as 10 vendors to choose from for the storage device. It also has an EIDE interface, as well as LVDS capable of driving an LCD cable at distances up to 20 ft. This feature also reduces the EMI created by the LCD cable. Designers simply need to add a power supply and a flat panel display to complete their system design.

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