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PC/104 Stereo Audio Module Records & Plays Back At Once

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Designed for embedded system applications, the Crystal-MM-HP stereo audio modules for PC/104 systems come in three versions offering different power supply and output power options to match different system configurations and requirements. One requires a 5V bus supply and offers 0.5W/channel output; a second runs from a 12V bus supply with 1.5W/channel output; and a third operates from an external supply of up to 28 vdc and delivers 5W/channel output.All use ESS Technology’s AudioDrive sound chips with full SoundBlaster and Windows Sound System compatibility. Full-duplex operation enables simultaneous recording and playback of different signals. Separate interrupt and DMA channels are used for each operation. Multiple I/O headers allow for flexibility in connecting user signals to the boards. A full dual game port is included for gaming or auxiliary digital I/O.

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