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PC/104,PC/104+SBC Boots From The Box

Available in PC/104 and PC/104+ formats, the ZXE-ST586/104P single-board computer (SBC) can "boot-from-the-box" without additional hardware or software. The ZXE-ST586/104P's ST Micro Atlas CPU is functionally similar to the ZF microcontroller. The board includes 4 Mbytes of flash memory and a 256-kbyte BIOS. Up to 3.75 Mbytes of a compressed file system enable the SBC to be booted out of the box. The ST586/104P comes standard with Linux already installed. The SBC also runs DOS and Windows operating systems. Included are 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, which can be expanded to 128 Mbytes for applications with large memory requirements. The SBC features 4 Mbytes of video memory and includes video outputs for both LCD and CRT displays. Because all standard components are soldered on, the device can withstand the shock and vibration found in rugged environments. The ZXE-ST586/104P SBC costs $325 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Zendex Corp.
www.zendex.com; (925) 828-3000

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