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PCB COMPONENTS-Readers of this new 16-page catalog supplement will find both surface-mount and through-hole pc board components and hardware designed to meet designers' specific requirements. Ten product groups are described including SMT tape-and-reel packaging availability. The groups include: coin-cell holders; retainers and clips; vertical 20-mm coin-cell holders; SMT battery clips; SMT and through-hole test points; pc fuse clips and holders; auto blade fuse holders; computer brackets; pc screw terminals; "F" connectors; modular pc terminal blocks; SMT stereo jacks and color keyed pc phono jacks; as well as USB sockets and "Firewire" sockets and plugs. The supplement provides complete product details with comprehensive technical information, specs, mechanical and electrical ratings, engineering drawings, illustrations, photos, and in the case of computer brackets, a complete master worksheet.

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