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PCB Connectors Handle High Current

Two additions to the Powermate Range family of printed circuit board connectors, the SV/BVZ 7.62 and the SU/BUZ 10.16, target high-current applications that include power supplies, line filters, start controls, and motors. Described as being compact, current carrying capabilities are up to 31A for the SV/BVZ 7.62 (7.62 mm pitch) and up to 54A for the SU/BUZ 10.16 (10.16 mm pitch). They accommodate wire sizes up to 10 AWG/6 mm² and up to 6 AWG/16 mm², respectively. Shared features include a multi-function locking mechanism that connects the pin header and sock connector via a push-in technique, allowing the user to see if the plug is safely locked. WEIDMULLER, Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.


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