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PCB Pin Headers Reduce Production Time And Costs By 30%

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Designed specifically for automated assembly of electronic modules, the SL-SMT 3.5 printed circuit board pin-header reduces SMT production time and costs by as much as 30%, according to the company. Using a through-hole reflow technique, the new pin-header eliminates the wave or hand soldering process, saving operational time. Also, the device's tape-on-reel or tray packaging enables the use of a standard pick-and-place machine instead of a specialized one or manual handling for the through-hole components.
The pin-header mounts onto a pc board along with other standard surface-mount parts such as ICs and passive components. All the parts are soldered to the pc board in a reflow process simultaneously. The company says the new part offers up to 10 times greater mechanical strength on the pc board than standard gull-wing SMT components. Additionally, the pin-header is molded from halogen-free liquid crystal polymer, which can withstand high temperatures.

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