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PCB Placement Tool Fits In With Layout Editors

DesignAdvance’s CircuitSpace PC-board placement tool, now available from EMA Design Automation, provides improved communications between hardware engineers and layout designers. CircuitSpace seamlessly integrates with Cadence’s Allegro and/or OrCAD PCB layout editors, and allows users to achieve board layouts in a fraction of the time it would take to complete by hand.

Component placement is time-consuming and has traditionally proven to be difficult to automate. With component counts on the rise and 10,000-part boards becoming commonplace, managing placement becomes more difficult and can take months to complete.

CircuitSpace implements a hierarchical approach to printed-circuit-board design through enhanced autoclustering and replication technologies. The tool also expedites the design process via template generation for global library usage across divisions, template usage with and without etch, automated layout reference designator propagation, and automated change report between layout designs.

Contact EMA Design Automation directly for pricing and delivery information.

EMA Design Automation


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