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PCB Terminals And Connectors Handle Higher Power

PCB Terminals And Connectors Handle Higher Power

Additions to the company’s line of PCB terminals and connectors are designed to deliver the maximum amount of power to a printed circuit board. The terminals feature the LXXX, which brings greater design flexibility for high current applications. A 127A per contact rating gives the LXXX terminal the highest current carrying capacity available. It accommodates wire up to 1 AWG with a maximum operating temperature of +120°C.  Other features include an integrated test point and wire guard to protect against accidental wire insertion below the clamping area. The power connectors are all 600V rated and come in versions rated up to 54A. Plugs are available in both clamping yoke screw and push-in connections with multiple securing options that include lock-and-release levers and a self-locking center flange. WEIDMULLER INTERCONNECTIONS INC., Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.

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