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PCB Tools Cross-Probe Between Layout And Schematic

Providing a valuable mechanism for design, review, verification, and testing of printed-circuit board (PCB) designs, CircuitSpace Foundation from DesignAdvance Systems now offers cross-probing between layouts and PDF schematics. The new cross-probing capability adds to CircuitSpace’s existing auto-clustering and replication technologies and works seamlessly within Cadence’s Allegro PCB design environment.

The cross-probing technology allows the user to have bi-directional communication between layout and a (PDF) schematic. It gives both designers and engineers instant selection and verification of design elements such as components, nets, or pins, within Cadence Allegro and the (PDF) schematic.

CircuitSpace Foundation with Cross-Probing also features such capabilities as:

  • Interactive clustering
  • Intelligent physical design reuse with definition and saving of physical design templates
  • Automated product change report between layout designs
  • Concurrent corporate-wide layout development
  • Template generation for global library usage across divisions
  • Population of any Allegro selection set

CircuitSpace Foundation with Cross-Probing is now available from $4990.

DesignAdvance Systems

EMA Design Automation

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