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PCI Adapter Allows 40 Mb/s Data Rates

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The SuperFASTCOM PCI adapter is a four-channel, synchronous serial PCI-based communications adapter designed for Windows- and LINUX-based industrial and commercial systems. It features data rates of up to 40 Mb/s and it can buffer up to 4 GB of data in system memory when operating under Windows 2000. The adapter supports all standard synchronous protocols (HDLC, SDLC) and their variations, as well as all standard asynchronous data formats at data rates up to 40 Mb/s. An on-board clock generator eliminates the need for an external clock. The board also includes RS-422/RS-485 drivers/receivers with on board line termination. It comes with drivers, example programs, and documentation on CD-ROM. Single-unit price is $799. COMMTECH, INC., Wichita, KS. (316) 636-1131.

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