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PCI Adapter Seeks RS-422/485 Assignments

Described as a low-cost, low-profile, RS-422/485 PCI serial adapter, the SIO-485.LPCI can be field configured for RS-422, four-wire RS-485, and two-wire RS-485 communications. Its RS-485 network termination is selectable via an on-board switch. Additionally, the board features an industry-standard connector that will accept 5V or 12V from any standard PC power supply’s hard-drive or floppy connector. Other features include an Oxford 16C950 UART with a 128-byte FIFO that supports standard PC data rates with a top speed of 921.6 Kb/s. Meeting requirements for the MD1 low-profile specification as defined by PCISIG, the board is available with either a low-profile bracket or standard-profile PCI bracket. Price for the SIO-485.LPCI, part number 7107, is $129. SEALEVEL SYSTEMS INC., Liberty, SC. (864) 843-4343.


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