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PCI-Based ARB Soars At 1 Gsamples/s

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With an eye towards embedded radar, communication and semiconductor testing applications, the AWG1000 PCI-based arbitrary waveform generator can perform from 60 Msamples/s to 1 Gsamples/s with a 12-bit vertical resolution. The board includes user-programmable segmentation and normal and complimentary outputs. Analog outputs are unfiltered with rise and fall times of 260 ps typical with an SFDR of An integrated clock synthesizer has a resolution of 1 Hz, and an external clock input option is available. The board's segmented memory controller allows discontinuous memory segments to be accessed as a continuous stream of output samples. On-board memory is 1 Msample, with a 4-Msample configuration offered as an option. The AWG1000 generator is priced starting at $11,950.

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