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PCI-Based DMM Sports 6-1/2-Digit Accuracy

In addition to traditional digital multimeter core functions such as ac/dc voltages and currents and impedance measurements, the SM-2040 PCI-based, half-sized DMM measures capacitance and inductance, tests diodes, performs six-wire guarded measurements, checks for leakage, and measures temperatures. It also takes peak-to-peak voltage measurements as well as period, pulse-width and duty-cycle readings. The instrument uses its external trigger for capturing single-shot events and stores them in its on-board buffer at rates up to 1000 readings/second.The entry-level SM-2040 combines high accuracy with high dynamic range, stability and repeatability. The SM-2042 adds frequency and time measurement, capacitance measurement and other functions not found in traditional DMMs. The SM-2044 is the top of the line and adds inductance measurement and more.


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