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PCI-Based Module Contains Full Pentium PC Functionality

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All the functionality of a traditional PC motherboard is contained within the 3" x 5" Plug-N-Run, a PCI-based, low-power module in a form-factor designed for mobile and embedded computer systems. The initial member of the Plug-N-Run family features a 233-MHz Intel Mobile Pentium CPU with MMX technology. It also harbors 256 kbytes of Level 2 cache, an Intel 430TX system controller, and an Intel PIIX4E south bridge chip. There's also a Neomagic 2160 graphics controller for support of resolutions up to 1024 x 768 with 64,000 colors, a Super-I/O chip, support for up to 256 Mbytes of main memory, and standard Phoenix 4.06 BIOS. The module connects to the rest of the system by means of a 320-pin AMP stacking connector. The Pentium II version will feature the latest mobile Pentium II CPU (Dixon) running at 333 MHz and will carry the Intel 440BX AGPset and Neomagic's NM2200 AGP graphics controller. Measured maximum power dissipation is 10.7W under worst-case operating conditions. A full development system is available. The 233-MHz version is available now; Pentium II models begin sampling in June.

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