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PCI Board Outfits DAQ Systems With SDRAM

Targeting data acquisition (DAQ) systems that require high-speed memory storage and a Fibre cable interconnect, the CI- PCI-FC memory board is a SDRAM buffer that interfaces to the PCI Bus in compliance with the PCI local bus specification r2.2. The board is available with memory densities ranging from 256 MB up to 2 GB and includes four Fibre optic duplex ports that support the Serial FPDP Vita 17.1 point-to-point data transport. Memory is divided into two independent banks, allowing serial data to be transferred to one bank while PCI transfers occur on the second bank. In terms of speed, the 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI interface provides peak burst transfers of 528 MB/s. The PCI interface also includes a DMA controller that masters cycles on the bus, while the card's memory controller enables arithmetic or logical operations to be performed on memory locations during data transfers. For pricing, call CHRISLIN INDUSTRIES, INC., Westlake Village, CA. (800) 468-0736.


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