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PCI Boards Performs High-Res Remote Sensing

The KPCI-3130 Series universal analog output source boards are designed specifically for applications where robust, high-performance analog output and industrial digital I/O controls are required. The KPCI-3130 Series, which includes the 3130 and 3132, represents a continued commitment to manufacturers of semiconductor capital equipment, factory automation machines, and OEM integrators who require industrial-grade PCI boards. The KPCI-3130 Series boards use high-resolution digital-to-analog converters operating over a single ±10V range. The boards can be wired in a 2-wire or a 4-wire mode and are the only boards to offer local and remote sensing. Each channel on the boards can source or sink up to 20mA of current for 4-20mA current loop applications without the need for an external excitation source. Applications for the KPCI-3130 Series include machine automation, production testing, servo control, gas flow control, heater control, programmable voltage sources and simulation testing. The KPCI-3130 costs $999 and the KPCI-3132, $499. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 534-8453.

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