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PCI Boards Simplify Motion Control Tasks

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Capable of controlling either stepping motors or servos, the ESH 1000 PCI bus, motion-control boards provide software-controlled settings that include two- or four-axis control with up to four encoder inputs. The 12, general-purpose control bits are optically isolated, as well as the home and over-travel inputs. The boards also provide a dual-port RAM for functions such as capturing motion profiles. Servo-control outputs can be set to ±10V or 0 to 10V with either yielding 16-bit or one part in 65,536 precision. Stepping motor control pulse is a TTL-level square wave with a 50% duty cycle, supporting velocities of 0 pulses to 1.004 Mpulses/s. And the boards' feedback circuits support quadrature signals up to 4 MHz. For more information and prices, call Joe Tetreault at CYBER RESEARCH INC., Branford, CT. (800) 341-2525.

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