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PCI Burn-in Enclosures Available in 3U and 6U Form Factors

These new burn-in enclosures allow board developers to load 10 to 20 CompactPCI boards onto a powered 3U or 6U backplane and exercise the boards simultaneously to specific stress requirements. The P1 connectors on the backplane provide power and ground to each board, but do not bus any signals across the slots. The 3U 19" rackmount enclosure features a 20-slot backplane. The 6U 19" rackmount enclosure has a 10-slot backplane with spacing between the connectors to accommodate two-slot-wide boards. A 6U 20-slot version of the backplane is also available. The backplanes are equipped with power lugs on the rear for all CompactPCI voltages. The manufacturer also offers a 600W power supply that provides 60A at +3.3 or +5 vdc, 10A at +12 vdc, or 4A at -12 vdc.


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