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PCI Card Handles Multiple Chores

Configurable for a wide variety of uses, the new AAF-3PCI is a fully programmable 2- to 8-channel signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and filter card. The new card is compatible with all 12- or 16-bit A/D boards and is ideal for filtering applications in sound and vibration testing, ultrasonics, acoustics and other applications in a variety of industries. The AAF-3PCI provides the user the ability to mix and match filter characteristics and independently select and program each channel’s coupling (ac or dc), corner frequency, and gain steps up to x1000 in either single-ended or differential measurements. Multiple AAF-3PCI boards can operate in the same PCI computer or in a standard PCI extension chassis. A flexible software package of menu-driven programs and drivers completes the AAF-3PCI package. Designed for ease of integration, the software includes DLL drivers that can be called from LabView, HP-VEE, DASYlab, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other graphical and non-graphical programming environments. Available from stock to three weeks ARO, the AAF-3PCI is priced from $1,098 for two filter channels to $2,998 for eight channels. For more information contact Robert Galter, ALLIGATOR TECHNOLOGIES, Costa Mesa, CA. (714) 850-9984.


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