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PCI Card Provides Anything I/O

Described as a general-purpose, programmable I/O PCI card, the 4I65 exploits a 200,000-gate FPGA from Xilinx, which reportedly makes it a true anything-I/O card. Configurations for the FPGA are downloadable via the PCI bus to allow the creation of almost any I/O function. Other features include a 12-axes, host-based servo controller, 24-channel quadrature counter, 8-axes MCU-based servo controller, 4-axes MCU-based stepper controller with 1/256 micro stepping, parallel port, and a 12-channel, 32-bit timer/counter card. Additionally, the board employs three 50-pin connectors with I/O-module compatible pin outs and an interleaved ground. Price is $133 each/100. MESA ELECTRONICS, Richmond, CA. (510) 223-9272.


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