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PCI DAQ Boards Said To Set New Price/Performance Benchmark

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Designed for multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) applications, the DaqBoard/2000 series of PCI boards can be used individually, or in any combination of up to four boards per PC, or in a system with the 35 DBK series signal conditioning boards. Said to set a new price/performance benchmark for 16-bit solutions, these I/O expansion and signal conditioning cards allow users to match hardware with application requirements.
Termination options support 5B-style isolated I/O and Opto-22 style electromechanical relays, and the boards share a common hardware and software architecture. Common features shared by the six boards include: plug-and-play operation; 100% digital calibration; PCI-bus mastering (DMA); synchronous scanning of all analog, digital and counter inputs; on-board (FPGA) scan sequencer providing timing down to 5 µs between up to 300 channels; and an API library operating under Windows 95/98/2000/NT for Visual Basic, C++, and Delphi. Price ranges from $295 to $895.

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