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PCI Digitizer Leverages Price And Performance

According to the company, the ATS850 PCI digitizer is the lowest-cost product in its class, while outperforming units that are more than twice its price. The board delivers an 8-bit, 50-Msamples/s sampling rate on two simultaneous channels with a programmable front-end and trigger circuitry. The sampling rate is also programmable from 50 Msamples/s down to 10 ksamples/s. A 40-bit time stamp allows users to record the occurrence of each trigger event relative to all other triggers in a given session. Other features include independently programmable input ranges from ±20 mV to ±20V, ac/dc coupling, and a 50W/1 MW impedance on each of its channels. A standard model comes with 256 Kpoints of acquisition memory per channel; a high-memory model with 16 Mpoints per channel will be available in Q1 of 2004. The digitizer comes with ATScope software that allows users to set it up without writing programming code or drawing diagrams. Price for the ATS850 with 256 Kpoints of memory is $995. For further information, contact Muneeb Khalid at ALAZARTECH, Montreal, Canada. (514) 633-0001.


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