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PCI Express Frame Grabber Offers Four Asynchronous Inputs

With four simultaneous, asynchronous inputs, the PC_EYE/ASYNC PCI Express frame grabber can replace up to four monochrome frame grabbers. The board hosts two programmable FPGAs, one containing the PCI Express interface and the other a frame grabber control circuit. The board can acquire four simultaneous, non-synchronized monochrome input signals at 25 MHz/8 bits via four a/d converters. Support for parallel acquisition into main and graphics memories is by way of real-time DMA. Software tools are available for Windows NT/2000/XP and LINUX. For VxWorks and OS-9, scaled applications are available where parameters are set in configuration files only, with no display routines. Single-unit price for the frame grabber is $1,195. For more details, contact Janet Ferris at AMERICAN ELTEC INC., Las Vegas, NV. (702) 878-4085.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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