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PCI Media Board Lineup Expanded To Include PCI Express Versions

With features and functions identical to their PCI universal predecessors, seven new media boards compatible with the PCI Express bus architecture allow solution providers to adopt the PCI Express architecture with little or no change to existing products. The seven boards, from Dialogic Corp., deliver full backwards compatibility on the new server bus architecture, which is being used with increasing frequency by leading server manufacturers. The boards offer developers, OEMs, and system integrators a broader choice of the latest servers on which to deploy their solutions.

The new boards are available now, and cover Dialogic's JCT series with a 12-port analog board and dual-span T1/E1 boards, plus the Diva series boards with single-span T1 and E1 interfaces. The boards can be mixed and matched with the existing Dialogic PCI universal variants in servers that have an assortment of PCI and PCI Express slots. The new boards comply with the European RoHS directive. To learn more, go to www.dialogic.com.

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