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PCI Mezzanine Card Incorporates MPC750 PowerPC CPU

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The PPMC750 PCI mezzanine card is the industry’s first such unit to incorporate an MPC750 PowerPC microprocessor with Motorola’s PowerPlus II architecture. The card creates a powerful "macrocomponent" that’s said to enable faster time to market for embedded systems across a wide range of markets.The PPMC750 card can serve as the host microprocessor, which is connected to a base board carrying a number of PCI-based I/O interfaces. However, the PPMC750 can also function as an additional- or slave- microprocessor, creating a loosely coupled multiprocessing system. This approach expands design options in many applications. For example, it offers options to OEMs needing to add lines to their telecommunications base stations. The mezzanine card’s MPC750 CPU runs at speeds of either 233 or 350 MHz. There’s also an integrated 64-bit PCI host bridge and 144-bit ECC memory controller ASIC that supports 100-MHz local bus operation making use of up to 128 Mbytes of PC100 SDRAM.

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