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PCI Motion Controller Comes In 1- Through 8-Axis Formats

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Available in formats of one through eight axes, the DMC-1800 Optima Series PCI motion controllers enable control of both step motors and servomotors on any combination of axes. The units have features similar to those of the firm’s DMC-1700 ISA motion controller, but are designed to install in a PCI slot. Users now can choose motion controllers in either PCI or ISA formats.The boards offer standard features such as uncommitted analog inputs for interface to external sensors, secondary communication FIFO for fast access to position data, and auxiliary encoder inputs for dual-loop control. Other features include programmable memory with multi-tasking, symbolic variables and arrays, uncommitted digital I/O, and high-density shielded cables for noise immunity. Modes of motion control include linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ECAM. Quick setup and system programming is made possible by a full array of software tools.

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