Electronic Design

PCI Serial I/O Adapter Racks Up Serial Ports

The COMM+16.PCI bus serial I/O adapter, with its 16 RS-232 ports, offers one of the highest serial port counts available in a PCI format. This high level of connectivity enables connection to planar light-wave circuits, bar-code readers, scales, and other acquisition/
control devices. Designed using the XR16C850 universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter, the COMM+16.PCI supports standard PC data rates. It boasts a top speed of 460.8 kbits/s. The board provides a 128-byte FIFO, 16 times larger than boards designed with 16C550 parts. Connection to the board is made through two high-density 68-pin connectors. Two single fan-out cables provide connection to each serial port through individual DB-25 male connectors for a total of 16 ports. COMM+16.PCI ships with the SeaCOM suite of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP drivers.

Sealevel Systems Inc.
www.sealevel.com; (864) 843-4343

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