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PCIbus Machine-Vision Board Can Process Four Camera Inputs

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Four independent, asynchronous frame grabbers reside on one full-sized PCIbus card in the IC-ASYNC machine-vision board. The unit acquires up to four camera inputs asynchronously to process high-speed applications that typically require multiple vision processors. It's designed for multi-point inspection operations and is well suited for OEMs building custom, high-speed process machinery.Maximum total throughput from camera to the frame grabber is 80 Mbytes/s, and transfer of video data to the host PC's memory is performed at a sustained rate of 120 Mbytes/s. The board digitizes up to four channels of 8-bit data from RS-170, CCIR or progressive-scan cameras at up to 20 MHz/channel. Each channel has independent external trigger, frame reset, strobe, sync, timebase settings, area-of-interest settings, and input-conditioning circuitry. The company offers comprehensive vision software support.

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