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PCI/cPCI Cards Perform Simultaneous A/D Conversions

Employing eight 14-bit A/D converters, the APC341 (PCI) and AcPC341 (CompactPCI) analog input boards perform simultaneous A/D conversions and provide 16 differential input channels with a ±10 Vdc range. The inputs are configured in two eight-channel banks. Scan time for each ADC is 8 µs or 125 kHz and, when scanning eight channels simultaneously, the boards can sample one million channels per second for an overall throughput rate of 1 MHz. To minimize the CPU's workload, the boards include a 512 sample memory buffer and employ data tagging to ease channel identification. Other features include programmable dual-mode scan control, a programmable interval timer, support for external trigger inputs and outputs, and interrupt support. ActiveX (OLE) control software is available for integrating the cards with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 applications and C libraries for VxWorks, QNX and other operating systems. ACROMAG INC., Wixom, MI. (800) 881-0268.


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