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PCIe Frame Grabber Supports Camera Link

Providing an image processing solution for Camera Link-compatible cameras, the PC_EYE/CL PCI Express frame grabber board supports base, medium and full configurations and a PCI Express interface with four lanes (x4) delivering data rates up to 1 GB/s. The frame grabber itself delivers speeds of up to 680 MB/s and each of its two on-board mini-delta-ribbon, 26-pin connectors supports four ports. This makes it possible to connect either two independent base cameras using ports A-C each, or one medium (A-F) or one full (A-H) camera. Each eight-bit-wide Camera Link port uses a 7:1 multiplexing scheme with a serial transmission rate of 2.36 Gb/s. DLL format drivers for Windows XP/Vista and Linux come as part of the Frame Grabber Basic Tools. They are available as 32- and 64-bit versions and a set-up program supports test and configuration of the board under Windows. A reduced version of the Frame Grabber Basic Tools portfolio is available for real-time operating systems such as VxWorks or OS-9000 upon request. Single-unit pricing for the PC_EYE/CL frame grabber is $1,260. For more details, call Janet Ferris at AMERICAN ELTEC INC., Las Vegas, NV. (702) 878-4085.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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