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PCIe I/O Boards Break Speed Limits

Debuting as the industry’s fastest PCI Express I/O boards, the UF2e-7000 series provides up to 32 channels, up to 4 GB of memory, and recording or replay rates to 125 MHz. The boards support the ability to synchronize up to 127 boards including digitizers and arbitrary waveform generators and large mixed-mode automated test systems. The series consists of four boards: the UF2e-7010 (125 MHz on 16 channels), UF2e-7011 (125 MHz on 16 channels or 60 MHz on 32 channels), UF2e-7020 (125 MHz on 32 channels), and the UF2e-7021 (125 MHz on 32 channels or 60 MHz on 64 channels). Digital I/O channels can be software selected for input or output in 16-channel increments and all inputs and outputs are TTL compatible. The UF2e-7020 and UF2e-7021 are also able to record and replay simultaneously. Software development kits are available for Windows Vista/XP64/XP/2000/NT/98, Linux RedHat/Suse/Fedora/Debian, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Agilent-VEE, LabWindows/CVI, and DAISYLab. Prices for the UF2e-7000 series start at $3,390. STRATEGIC TEST CORP., Woburn, MA. (866) 898-3278.


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