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PCIe-to-PCI-X Bridge IC Is Fully Reversible

The PI7C9X130 PCIe-to-PCI-X bridge IC is the latest addition to Pericom Semiconductor's PCISIG-certified PCI Express Bridge Family. The device addresses the needs of a wide range of applications, including blade- and motherboard-based servers, HBA and NIC cards, data storage, switch and router control planes, industrial PCs, multi-function printers and print servers, test equipment, data acquisition, and telecom.

The bridge supports a single x4 PCIe port to single PCI-X domain. It is fully reversible, offers non-transparent as well as transparent mode, operates in either 133-MHz PCI-X or 66-MHz PCI modes, and is fully compliant with the latest PCISIG PCIe revision 1.1 and PCI-X Bridge 2.0a specifications. Unique features include 5-V-tolerant I/O pins, 512-byte-capable payload size, six PCI/PCI-X Masters, and seven GPIO pins. The PI7C9X130 offers low latency under high-performance operating conditions, user "tunable" registers to optimize transfer rates, and optional as well as standard PCIe power-management states. At 17 by 17 mm, the 256 BGA lead-free and green package offers customers the smallest PCIe to PCI-X Bridge footprint in the industry, according to the company. No heatsink is required across the standard commercial operating temperature range.


The PI7C9X130 customer evaluation platform, available in both forward- or reverse-mode options, and small prototype quantities are available now. Production quantities will be available in the first quarter of 2007.


List price is $20.95 in quantities of 10,000.


Visit www.pericom.com/pciexpress/.

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