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PCIe Products Enter Gen3

PCIe Products Enter Gen3


To be unveiled at Embedded World 2012 in Nurnberg, Germany late February, One Stop Systems’ PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 products include the latest in GPU expansion systems operating at 128 Gb/s per slot and two PCIe Gen 3 cable adapters. The adapter offerings consist of the PCIe x8 dual/quad board and the PCIe x16 switch-based cable adapter. As per the company, the adapters can be used in both expansion and networking applications. The 1U and 2U PCIe Gen 3 GPU expansion enclosures

support high-power-consuming Gen 3 GPUs with each slot operating at 128 Gb/s. The 1U enclosure supports either two double-wide or four single-wide cards and the 2U supports either four double-wide or eight single-wide cards. The expansion enclosures cable to a host server through the PCIe x16 Gen 3 cable adapter which installs in the host server’s x16 slot. The PCIe x8 Gen 3 dual and quad-port cable adapters are full-height, half length PCIe cards that are useable in I/O expansion and networking applications. The two-port board has one PCIe x16 edge connector and two PCIe x8 cable connectors on the slot cover. The switch is field-programmable to allow the different ports to receive or transmit data. The four-port card consists of the two-port card with two cable connectors and a mezzanine card with two additional cable connectors. It supports communication between five servers with the addition of the ExpressNet 2.0 driver installed on each server. It can also be used in I/O expansion applications installed in a host server and cabled to four downstream end points. The PCIe x16 Gen 3 cable adapter is a half-height, half-length PCIe card with a x16 edge connector and a x16 cable connector. The PLX 8733 Gen 3 switch has an NT port, allowing it to be used in networking applications between two PC’s as well as in I/O applications from a host server cabled to a downstream end point. It’s also equipped with an internal DMA controller and spread spectrum clocking isolation (SSC). This cable adapter has the added benefit of operating in both the host and target modes with a field-programmable switch setting. ONE STOP SYSTEMS INC., Escondido, CA. (877) 438-2724.

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