PCIe Serial Interface’s Eight Ports Configurable For RS-422/RS-485

PCIe Serial Interface’s Eight Ports Configurable For RS-422/RS-485

Sealevel Systems’ 7802e PCI Express serial interface adapter features eight serial ports that are individually configurable for RS-22 or RS-485 communications. To help ensure error-free operation in high-speed applications, the board’s 16C950 UART includes 128-byte FIFOs. The UART also supports 9-bit protocol framing and 921.6-kbit/s data rates, and is software-compatible with legacy UART applications. A 62.5-MHz clock derived from the PCI Express link is divided by a flexible 8-bit clock prescalar with 1/8 steps to provide support for a wide range of standard and non-standard baud rates. In RS-485 mode, the transmitter is automatically enabled in hardware. As a result, the 7802e can be used with standard serial applications, and removes the risk of bus contention and data corruption. Standard operating temperature ranges from 0 to +70°C. It comes with SeaCOM software for Windows and Linux, as well as WinSSD for testing and diagnostics.


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